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Advantages of 5 Panel and 10 Panel Drug Tests

20-5 and 10 panel methods of drug testing have been trending in the recent past. There have been a lot of repercussions of the other methods but these 5 and 10 panel tests are very famous and they have numerous advantages that can effectively benefit their usage.

Advantages of 5 and 10 panel drug tests

  • There are no risks associated with these drug testing methods.
  • The work being performed by using these methods is safe and very sensitive. Any mistake noticed can be avoided in future and the negative consequences can be taken care of very easily.
  • All company policies are in favour of these 5 and 10 panel drug tests.
  • A 5 panel drug test includes testing for drugs like Marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and PCP.
  • On the other hand a 10 panel drug tests includes 5 other drugs that can be tested for effectively without any problems or disadvantages.
  • There are proper and full-fledged kits available for these tests.
  • Many people are getting caught because of such effective testing procedures.

Thus the need to have information on how to beat a drug test has arisen significantly. Because hair sample drug tests have become very common it is important to have information on how to pass a hair follicle drug test and also how to pass a drug test in 2 days. Home remedies are never useful and effective to beat a drug test and one always gets caught when he uses such methods to pass a drug test. Thus it is always recommended to use products that are specifically manufactured for the purpose of passing a drug test and getting rid of all the drug related substances and components that are stored in the body.

As this 5 and 10 panel drug tests are common these days it is not easy to effectively get rid of the drugs in your system and blood.It is also important to know how to pass a hairsample drug test as this method is used very commonly. It is also easy for the drug testing agencies and organisations to use this method randomly and effectively.Thus, use specific products like supreme klean detox mouthwash and many other related products in order to get rid of drugs in your system. You need to stay clean in order to progress in your career as drug tests are increasing significantly.